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Korin Wants Mahela Sanga to Refund her Money

The Live in Concert of Enrique Iglesias which was held at Colombo the other day was highly criticized by Sri Lankans.

Regarding the manner in which the concert was held many among the country and various websites are airing their displeasure.

Enrique Iglesias was brought down to Sri Lanka by Live Events Company which is owned by Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara who are two famous cricketers who represented Sri Lanka.

The ticket of this Concert’s price ranged from Rs. 35,000. / 30,000. / 20,000. / 10,000 and 5000.00 per ticket. While those who purchased tickets worth Rs. 35,000.00 were named the VIPs who were permitted to view the concert from the front of the pavilion.

Meanwhile, food stalls and alcohol beverages stalls were situated on the grounds.

CR & FC could accommodate 5500 spectators. Accordingly, on the 20th night a minimum crowd of 5500 came to see Enrique Iglesias’s “Sex & Live’ Concert. But, the profit generated selling tickets are accounted to millions.

Media reports states that the Entertainment Tax which is due has not been paid by the organizers of this concert. It further states that it is a Rs. 30 million tax deceit.

Meanwhile incidents where throwing of undergarments and kissing made this concert controversial.

President Maithripala Sirisena stated the other day regarding this incident that Concert’s of this nature could deteriorate the culture of the country. And he further stated that the Organizers of such concerts should be whipped with Stingray’s tail.

Artists were also among those who were subjected to injustice.

Artist Korin Almeida who paid Rs. 150,000.00 is also such an artist who faced injustice. She also criticized the role of Organizers, such as Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara.

Korin Almeida who purchased four VIP tickets at the Price of Rs. 35,000.00 was expecting to see the Concert in the front row with her family and faced injustice stated. Adding further, Korin stated that though they bought tickets for Rs. 35,000.00 they were standing in the front row.

But the concert began after four our delay and those who purchased tickets at lower rates pushed aside the VIP spectators and barged in front.

While the organizers failed to deliver services for the VIP ticket holders, they also failed to give quality sound system set up.

She further stated that they were not able to at least hear Enrique Iglesias singing. Adding further, she stated that organized did not come forward to quell the situation and facilitate the VIP spectators.

She also stated that Mahela and Sangakkara should take the responsibility of his poor organizing services. And she also urged the organizers to refund her ticket money.
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