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Web Terrorist operating from Colombo - London Exposed

We exposed that this gang was operating from Colombo and London. We promised to expose all the details of this gang. We received a lot of information about these web terrorists during the past few days. Now we have details of the operator in London and the coordinating office in Colombo.

The main operator of this web ransom gang is Chandima Withanaarachchi, who is hiding in London after fleeing Sri Lanka just ahead of his arrest over serious charges. He was a lawyer in Sri Lanka.

Chandima is accused of financial fraud, human trafficking, clandestine ties with the LTTE, trafficking hardcore LTTE cadres to France, UK and other European countries, forging documents, etc.

As the security forces were getting ready to arrest him, he fled Sri Lanka and started living underground in London. Defence authorities have informed the Interpol about him and his name is listed openly on Interpol website as a wanted person.

After migrating to London, this person first launched a website with the aim of continuing his business of ransom taking. He started levelling scathing attacks against leading politicians, elites, wealthy businessmen and others and sought millions of rupees in ransom not to do so. He opened an account in TSB Bank, London under the name C.A. Withanaarachchi.

The account number is 66705368 and its sort code is 77-71-13. He gave this number to people to deposit money in it.

He raised massive amounts of money during the time of war. Various people, including Tamil Tigers deposited money in that account.

However, the end of terrorism in Sri Lanka put an end to this income. But, he intensified the operation of ransom taking by threatening various people. He started threatening that he would inform the FCID and the Presidential Commission on large-scale frauds about these persons.

This web terrorist opened an office in Colombo in the guise of a legal office, to carry on these operations. The name of the office is Ian & Collin and it is located at Wijerama Road. We posted photos of this office last week with a photo of the brother-in-law of the web terrorist who handles this racket. We understand that the group has panicked after this exposé.

We have learnt that this office is the base that provides legal advice and processes the files robbed from various businessmen. They also threaten the businessmen that they would expose them unless their cases are handed over to their legal firm.

We have learnt that a large number of terrorists hiding in France, Greece and Rome are assisting Chandima Withanaarachchi for his ransom taking operation. They are reportedly appearing as web operators.

We have now information about several firms networked with the web terrorist group in London and we hope to publish information about them in future.
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