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‘Synthetic’ text book for Grade 7 students

The Ministry of Education said, in January a synthetic text book, which can be used for a period of eight years, by rubbing out whatever has been written on it, cleaned and washed when dirty, will be given to students of Grade Seven.

The Geography Text book for Grade Seven, which contains maps, has been printed on synthetic paper instead of normal paper and is being given to students in a pilot project.

The ministry said, these books, which are being printed, so that damage to the environment will be far less than where paper is concerned, can be used for a period of eight years and then they can be given back to the company that printed them. These companies had said that they would recycle these books and use the product to manufacture other synthetic products.

A senior Spokesman of the Ministry of Education told Ceylon Today that as a result, the annual printing of the Geography Text Book, containing maps for the seventh grade, will be halted.

He further said that recommendations have been received for the printing of synthetic text books from the Policy Planning Ministry, Technical Committees, medical recommendations and environmental recommendations and that the procurement procedure too has been completed and approval from the Cabinet has been obtained as well.

A Sri Lankan Company which was selected on a tender procedure is engaged in printing these synthetic text books.
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