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No one can topple the Governmen

The utterances that the good governance government will be toppled are only dreams and no one can topple this government, President Maithripala Sirisena emphasized while speaking at the main event to celebrate his completion of two years in office, at the BMICH yesterday.

“I dare say that this strong government cannot be toppled and no one will be allowed to topple this national unity government which was formed amidst challenges and obstacles,” the President said.

“Certain politicians, who no longer have the people’s support, are boasting that the government will be toppled. But,I must say that this is only a pipe dream” he added.

He also identified the abolition of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution which gave extraordinary powers to the President as a bigger victory than the passing of the 19th amendment which pruned the powers of the Executive President.

The event at the BMICH yesterday was held under the theme “The dawn of three years in the era of sustainability”.

The President went on to say “It was vital to nullify the 18th Amendment than passing the 19th amendment to the Constitution as it is of paramount importantance to safeguard democracy,” he said.

The President while speaking on the action plan of the country especially in the economic development sector, said the country will be subjected to a radical changes in several key fields. Accordingly, the President said that economic development drive is being carried out under the supervision of the Prime Minister.

Speaking on the moves to agriculture sector development, President Sirisena said that it has been planned to renovate all small tanks including channel system.

The President pointed out that the election manifesto,which forwarded at the Presidential election,clearly mentioned that a unity government would be formed even though certain bankrupt political forces are levelling allegations on this national unity government. He pointed out that the concept of a national unity government is not familiar with the political culture of the country.

“However, the present unity government is being praised by many world leaders at various occasions. As a result of the democratic and people-friendly good-governance existing in the country, many challenges could be overcome and moreover the country is being widely accepted in the international arena especially at international forums. The country has achieved a significant progress in the spheres of protecting and safeguarding human rights, strengthening democracy, media freedom, freeing the judiciary system from the clutches of politics and many more positive achievements in various sectors as described in the election manifesto,” the President said.

“As a consequence of the failure to protect human rights, inability to face the economic crisis and failure to build up ethnic harmony was the very reason for the former government to dissolve it two years before the due period,” President Sirisena said.

“The bad economic management of the then government, there is a liability of Rs 9,000,000 million to be settled by this government,” the President said.

“Certain people tend to ask what this government has done during the last two years. I must say that this government has laid the foundation for democracy, freedom, ethnic harmony, achieving economic freedom and many more positive moves. Unlike the previous regime, no journalist was killed on the road or no one left the country for death fear to save the life. This is how everyone is experiencing media freedom, established by this government during the last two year period. Despite the fact that a mountain of loan amounting Rs. 9,000,000 million to be settled, several key development projects are being carried out. Even though, illuminated development projects are not carried out by this government, the economy of the country is gradually strengthening,” the President said.

President Sirisena speaking on the political situation of the country said that certain people are boasting about toppling the government. “Anyone can day dream but it is fruitless to talk about an election which will be held after four years,” he said.

The President urged everyone to hand in hand to bring the country forward without marginalised in narrow minded political views.

“No need to talk about toppling the government. Your duty is to take the country forward with this politically elected government” the President said.

During his speech the President thanked 6.3 million people who voted for him at the Presidential election to form this unity government.
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