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President cuts all ties with Rajapaksas

President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to totally distance himself from all members of the Rajapaksa clan now and in the future, informed sources said.

The President had given this assurance to 40 UNP backbenchers in Parliament, at talks he had with them last week, the source said.

The President had also informed the UNP MPs to be wary of any MP from the two main parties who was having secret deals with the Rajapaksa clan.

President Sirisena has assured them that under no circumstance would he allow the mandate given to him by the people at the last presidential election to be usurped by any politician for his/her own political survival.

The President had told them that intentions by anyone to topple the current administration would remain a pipedream because the government would continue until the end of its mandated term in office.
He had also said that 2017 would be a triumphant year for the country.

The UNP MPs had urged the President to rein in certain vocal SLFP MPs in the government as some of their recent utterances in public have proved to be impediments to the smooth functioning of the government.

The President had however, assured the UNP MPs that he would monitor such MPs and try to advice them against such conduct. He also told the UNP MPs that he would in no way involve himself in any moves made by Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former Defence Secretary, who has made known his intention to engage in party politics.
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