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Sexual Harassment for Women MPs in Parliament

All parliamentarians have been reportedly advised by the highest authorities in Government and political parties they represent to uphold the best level of moral discipline within the precincts of Parliament at all times, highly placed government sources disclosed.

This follows representations made by several women Members in the House to the authorities that they felt embarrassed by certain comments and actions of older male parliamentarians.

A young woman MP has complained that a minister closer to the octogenarian age was in the habit of shaking hands with her every time she walked past him in the corridors outside the Chamber and when walking on the first floor to lunch and back.

Sources said that this woman MP had told the authorities that the practice of that minister was quite ‘unusual’ as he forced his hand on her hand to shake hands all the time she crossed him in the corridors.

Several other woman MPs have complained that some older  MPs and Ministers were  making embarrassing comments about their physical figures  whenever they  crossed them in corridors or walked down the steps to their benches in the Chamber.

Well informed sources disclosed that a young woman MP had retorted angrily last Tuesday (12) when an ugly sexual comment had been cast on her near the Parliament library by a Minister aged 75.

Contrary to the conduct of  these aging MPs and Ministers, the woman MPs have commended the conduct of young male MPs and Ministers who treated them with due respect.