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We have no connection to the Port’s Joint Trade Unions

United National Party’s Port National Workers Trade Union states that they have no connection with Joint Trade Unions. They strongly condemn the activities which cannot be controlled in the previous.

 They further noted many people sacrificed their lives to establish good governance in this island and we extend our support to carry out the future activities of this government. Expressing views at the cordial meeting with the Minister of Ports and Shipping Mr. Arjuna Ranathunga they also noted that they will extend their continuous support to the development programs carried out by the Minister. This meeting was held at the conference hall of Ministry of Ports and Shipping.

A cordial discussion between the National Trade Union and the Minister Arjuna Ranathunga was taken place at the Ministry of Ports and Shipping premises this morning (18). 

Officials of the National Trade Union and the representatives of the Parent Union Chief Secretary Parliamentarian Mr. Sirilnal De Mel the Vice President of National Workers Trade Union and the Media Secretary Mr. Sunil Silva took part in this cordial discussion with the Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranathunga. The aim of this discussion is to review the status of the incidents which happened is the recent past. After this friendly discussion the Vice President of National Association of Employees and Media Secretary Mr. Sunil Silva said that Hon. Prime Minister has instructed them to work coordinately with the Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Mr. Arjuna Ranathunga.

“National Workers Trade Union is an association of gentlemen. We engage our daily work with rulers. So, we don’t climb up and raise voice for workers’ rights. The National Workers Trade Unions always hold discussions to solve problems faced by our employees. After trying their first attempt, second attempt, third attempt or the tenth attempt and then we will engage in trade union activities. 

Therefore, National Workers Trade Union always owns a responsibility to join hands with the Minister in the development program of our port…” Mr. Sunil Silva stated at the press conference. He further noted hereafter we will raise voice for the rights of workers only as National Workers Trade Union. He also called upon the National Workers Trade Union representatives to work for the need of the public causes and not their personal benefits.

“The majority of the workers serving at the ports are the members of National Workers Trade Union and they will extend their support to the Minister. The above matter was discussed with the Prime Minister. His request was also to work corporately with the Minister. This discussion was held today on behalf of the request made by the Hon. Prime Minister. 

This discussion was 100% success. Moreover, Minister answered a number of burning questions of the port’s employees. He also promised to extend the retirement age of employees up to age of 60 years. This discussion helped us to maintain close ties with the Minister and he promised to ensure the rights of the workers…” Vice President of National Association of Employees Mr. Sunil Silva stated.