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Another secret of Thajudeen’s murder revealed

The conclusions of the earlier forensic report and the forensic report issued later regarding popular rugby player Wasim Thajudeen’s death are entirely different. According to earlier report Thajudeen’s death had occurred due to an accident. However, according to the report issued later by a team of expert doctors Thajudeen has been the victim of a well planned murder.

The specialist doctor who conducted the postmortem was Dr. Samarasekera who has a history of struggle. He was the leader of the GMOA in the struggle against Ragama Private Medical School launched by doctors and university students during an earlier UNP regime. He was a president of GMOA. He is the chairman of Malabe private medical school. He has conducted the autopsy in a manner to completely conceal the brutal murder.

When the body was exhumed two thigh bones and certain other important remains were missing. According to Ananda Samarasekera he had advised that the bones should be kept in a refrigerator. However, the remains were not in the refrigerator. The view of the team of expert doctors who conducted the second examination is that there hadn’t been a proper process to protect the remains. As the CID had been ordered to find out how the bones and remains had got lost, they had to get a statement from Dr. Ananda Samarasekera who was summoned to the CID.

After his statement was taken down Dr. Samarasekera had asked the officer who had taken down his statement whether his questioning regarding the incident was over. The officer had said records of Dr. Samarasekera’s telephone conversations would have to be examined to find out whether there was any outside influence to the murder.

At this Dr. Samarasekera’s face had got pale and he had asked the officer where the toilet was. The specialist doctor who used the toilet had come out with urine in his pants.

(Translated from ‘Ravaya’)
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