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businessman’s abductors demand Rs 20 M ransom

Police have launched a probe into an unidentified phone call received by family members of abducted millionaire businessman Mohammad Sulaiman, at Kothalawela Avenue on Monday, in which the caller had demanded a ransom of Rs 20 million for his release.

Police said the unidentified phone call had been received on the land line at Sulaiman's residence around 9 a.m. on 22 August.

The caller had said he would notify them of the name of a bank which the ransom deposit was to be paid into and abruptly ended the call.Police sources said teams probing the incident had discovered that the phone call had been made from a public phone booth in Kegalle.

The source added that the parents of the abducted businessman had returned to the island from India on the day after his abduction, cutting short a family visit there.

Police said Sulaiman had been abducted as soon as he alighted from his car at his residence on returning from a private party at night on 21 August.

Police have sought GEENTECH'S assistance to identify the blood stains found near the entrance to Sulaiman's residence to establish whether it is Sulaiman's or of one of his abductors.

Sources stated that Sulaiman was a big-time textiles dealer who has supplied textiles on credit to the value of Rs 70 million to other businessmen who are yet to settle their debts.

Police inquiries have revealed that complaints to this effect had been recorded at the CID and the CCD. Meanwhile, Police are also investigating leads to establish whether his movements have been recently monitored and specifically whether he had been followed home from the party by his abductors. Police are also tracing people he might have met at the party who could throw some light on the abduction.

Police have also found Sulaiman's wristwatch that had broken loose and fallen to the ground where Sulaiman had been abducted, suggesting there had been a scuffle and resistance from Sulaiman.
Police also believe that those demanding the ransom were clearly holding him hostage somewhere. Several Police teams from the CCD are already probing the abduction.
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