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Govt. can amend the existing Constitution

There is no need to draft a new Constitution, the Government can amend the existing one instead, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says. 

The observation was made while speaking at an event held in Udadumbara. “I’m of the view that a new Constitution should not be drafted, instead they can add new clauses,” he added. 

He also went on to say the people should be aware of certain terms that have reportedly been proposed to include which would lead to improper results. “It took over three years for Colvin R. de Silva to make amendments to the Constitution. But, they have plans to draft the new Constitution within months. 

This is why we have doubts. We have a right to raise concerns over this issue, if the new Constitution is eyeing to take revenge from an individual, from a nation or a religion,” said Rajapaksa.
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