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New party soon: Basil Rajapaksa

Former Minister Basil Rajapaksa yesterday assured that a new political party would be set up amalgamating many parties and groups.

He added that the date on which the new party is to be formed could not be revealed.

He was addresing the media at former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Political Office in Battaramulla. “The date is not decided. But, it would be decided by the taxes imposed upon the people and   also the pressure exerted upon the people by the government,” Rajapaksa said when asked by the media.

“The more pressure that is exerted on the people, the sooner the new party would emerge.” He also said that if the government does not impose more taxes and exerts pressure on the people there was no need of a new party. But, Rajapaksa added that it would not be set up on October 8.

“Rather than looking forward as to when a new party is being set up, the people fear as to when a new tax is being imposed,” the former minister said.
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