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Thajudeen case: CCTV footage unclear

The head of lecturers at British Columbia Technical Institute in Canada, David Mackie, issuing a special report, had stated the CCTV camera footage, captured on the route a for the last time by murdered rugby player Wasim Thajudeen, was unclear and hence it was difficult to either identify the number of the vehicle or those in the vehicle which had followed the victim's car.

A special CID team had taken 10 CDs containing the said CCTV camera footage to Canada recently.

Later, the CID had obtained a report having submitted the CDs for the perusal of David Mackie at the said institute in Vancouver.
Mackie had issued his report based on five probabilities related to the CDs and the CCTV camera footage.

He had noted that when recording the CCTV camera footage and whilst turning them to CDs certain scenes could have been erased or deleted due to the resultant pressure brought about, and that due to the power of the headlights of the vehicle the vehicle number was not visible.

Mackie had further noted that even after having zoomed in the CCTV camera footage it was difficult to clearly decipher the assailants who had followed the victim's car.

The said report has already been submitted to Colombo Additional Magistrate Nishantha Peiris by the CID.
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