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My speeches have been misinterpreted

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran who has been at the centre of a political storm recently said that his recent actions and speeches have been misinterpreted by certain, defeated political elements for ulterior gains.

He said that these political elements that should currently be spending time in prison than in the open were trying to boost their sagging political image by attacking him.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the National Sports Festival in Jaffna yesterday, Wigneswaran said that he was only trying to propagate certain issues faced by the Tamil people with the intention of finding viable solutions to them.

He also said that some of the speeches he made in Tamil have been wrongly translated in order to distort the meaning of his message.

Wigneswaran speaking in Sinhala requested the people in the South to understand the true meaning of his speeches and then criticise him if they feel that is the right thing to do.

He also noted that those who initiate development projects and constructions in the North have to be always mindful to seek the views and the suggestions from the provincial administration.

He said that if such a consensus can be arrived at, it will shut the door on speculation, misunderstandings and canards.

Meanwhile Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan said that a viable political resolution to the national question should be found through Constitutional Reforms.

Sampanthan said the new Constitution should guarantee justice, peace and prosperity for all citizens of the country regardless of their ethnic, religious or social differences. He also praised the government for holding the National Sports Festival in Jaffna adding that it was a step in the right direction to usher unity among communities.
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