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Cabinet reshuffle imminent in January

With pressure mounting on President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to take tough decisions against three Cabinet Ministers who are allegedly causing damages to yahapalana government, several key ministers have demanded the President to go for a Cabinet reshuffle with the dawn of year 2017.

This was suggested at a meeting led by President Sirisena and was attended by Prime Minister and 10 other ministers.

According to a highly placed government source, two close confidants of President Sirisena had vehemently attacked a prominent Cabinet Minister stating the latter's infamous dealings with the former first family and those who were already facing corruption allegations, have caused yahapalana government much embarrassment.

"They had also discussed how this alleged minister had facilitated a top bureaucrat in the previous regime to occupy his house when this official was staying in the USA," he said.

The personal connection that the alleged minister has with the former bureaucrat is said to have gravely influenced to manipulate the ongoing investigations on mega deals of the previous government in a number of occasions.
"During this discussion they were able to identify three Cabinet Ministers who are evidently obstructing government's effort to combat corruption and fraud."

It was suggested from the UNP side that the President and the Prime Minister should then discuss and go for a Cabinet re-shuffle and give these ministers to portfolios where they cannot exert influence or engage in corruption," the sources added.
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