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Maithri Gunaratne makes a startling statement

Former southern provincial Councillor Maithri Gunaratne today criticised the conduct of the United National Party

The former Southern Provincial Councillor said that power was taken away from the Rajapaksas in order for this country to be governed in a better way.But anything better has not been seen and they have converted this into a business where a small group headed by the prime minister makes money.

“This was not what was promised to the UNPers”, charged the former Former Southern Provincial Council

He added that it is only the henchmen of the prime minister who rule the government and there is no place for parliamentarians or the ministers; while the powers of ministers have been taken into one committee and now this committee is going to govern the country.

“Therefore,  we would like to tell the president, that the time has come to stop working silently and take the whip into hand and take control of governing the country…”, he said
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