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NIC says he’s 169 years old

This is a story about a 169-year-old man who had gone to a bank in Deltota in Galaha to withdraw money and the chaos that ensued.

Nuge Arachchilage Nelson Silva, from Deltota, at Wetakepotha, has been a small time trader for decades.

Though he had applied for a National Identity Card (NIC) he had not received and hence got the special 'elders' NIC instead on 30 December last.

This NIC had given his date of birth as 30.9.1847 when in fact he had been born on 30.09.1946 . But his NIC says he is 169 years old !

He said that since he does not possess a National Identity Card he uses this particular ID to get official work done and on many occasions he has had to face serious problems but none that the bank could not see him through.
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