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Hirunika came to politics crying over her father’s death!

Popular singer Madhumadawa Aravinda today asked MP Hirunika Premachandra to kidnap former UPFA MP Duminda Silva in her black defender to hear the case of her father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra’s murder in her own court in her own style if she had courage to stand against his father’s murderer as claimed by her.

Responding to a recent statement of Ms. Premachandra who had aggressively criticized a particular media institution for having links with her father’s murderer, Mr. Aravinda asked her to stand against Mr. Premachandra’s murder without meddling into domestic quarrels of husbands and wives.

“She came to politics in an emotional way crying over her father’s death. As such if she is brave enough to act against injustice using her own kind of judiciary system where she claims to be an attorney at law, why cannot she kidnap MP Duminda Silva as claimed by her? She might be arrested for kidnapping a man, yet she would have stood for her father,” he said -