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Mahinda and 24 MPs banned from travelling abroad

He and 24 Parliamentarians have been banned from going abroad says former President Parliamentarian from Kurunegala District Mahinda Rajapaksa.  He said this at a ceremony held at Mawarala Shri Muthtumari Amman Devale in Matara.

“We engaged in a bitter battle to defeat terrorism and separatism. This victory is enjoyed mostly by people in the North. During this year nothing has been done. The work we were doing too have been halted midway. There is nothing to talk about this budget either. In another three months people will realize the increase in prices of goods. As a government people should be given relief instead of criticizing others,” said Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Despite the Kurunegala District MP criticizing the budget at temples, kovils and through media, he refrained from voting against the budget in Parliament, the place where he could genuinely oppose the budget by voting against it to defeat it.

Also, he never attempted to take to the streets the 5.8 million people, he says he has behind him, to opposes the budget. All what he did was to express his woes to the Prime Minister and make an attempt to prevent members of his family being prosecuted for crimes committed during his tenure and make communalist statements.

In such an environment making such statements is indeed hilarious say political analysts.