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We deserve respect - Ashiya Dassanayake

Ashiya Dassanayake, hailing from Kandy, is one of the most talented and popular models in Sri Lanka.Even with all her successes, she remains a very easy going and down to earth person.

For her, following the career path of a model was not easy.

She got her first big break when she was selected as the Ceylinco VIP queen, followed by winning Miss Sri Lanka title as well.

She says, “I know my strengths as a model, and these are my face, figure, and my posing – the key factors for any up and coming model to focus on.”

Talking about how Sri Lanka works as a platform for models, she says “Internationally, models are held in more high regard, whereas in Sri Lanka, it’s not quite the same. We should work on improving the way society views models, and make them see that we are women who deserve respect.”

She elaborates more about demanding respect in the industry here, “I am a woman, but I respect the opposite sex. It’s important that they can see, a woman can be dignified and she can command respect.”

Her work schedule at the moment is very hectic. She is involved in several photo shoots and commercials. “Since I’m a professional model, it is important for me to schedule my work accordingly,” she adds.

On what her beauty and fitness tips are, she says, “These two things obviously play a major role in my day to day life! I’m very careful about my skin, since it tends to get a little sensitive because of make up. I make sure I do a skin therapy everyday after I take off my make up, and I use quite a lot of natural products. Water is an essential thing for me, because it keeps my body cool and hydrated. Every day, I do one hour of fitness training as well as sessions of figure maintenance.”

Ashiya thanks all photographers, beauticians, model coordinators, and several other individuals who help her day in and day out. She also thanks her friends and family, without whom she would not be where she is today.