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'Gammanpila allegedly sold property valued at Rs. 190 million'

R.P.L.I. Perera, the Power of Attorney holder for wealthy foreign businessman Brian Shaddick, lodged a complaint with the Police yesterday alleging that MP Udaya Gammanpila had fraudulently sold a property valued over millions of rupees belonging to the businessman.

The property including a tea factory named 'Brombil' had allegedly been sold for Rs. 190 million to another company by forging fake documents.

The complaint had been made while investigations are going on over an incident where Gammanpila had fraudulently sold shares of the Pan Asia Bank valued at Rs. 110 million belonging to the same businessman, when he was the Power of Attorney holder for Shaddick. Investigations have reached the final stage.

The complaint had been made against MP Gammanpila, the Brombil Tea Factory and the Director Board. All documents pertaining to the alleged fraud have been submitted to investigative bodies by the holder of the Power of Attorney of the businessman.

Perera said that Brian Shaddick was an Australian national. Two Police officers had gone to Australia to investigate the selling of shares of the Pan Asia Bank. He added that Shaddick was ready to fly to Sri Lanka at any time to support the investigations.