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Bodu Bala Senawa Rises Against Hirunika

Civil Unions as well as various other groups are requesting the arrest of Hrunika Premachandra who is being accused of the incident of abducting a youth from Dematagoda and assaulting him.

Bodu Bala Sena General Secretary reverend Galagodaaththey Gnanasara thero stated at a media brief held today morning at Colombo that he is displeased of the police not taking steps to arrest Hirunika Premachandra.

A 34 year old person who was employed at a drapery at Dematogoda was abducted by a group who arrived in the Defender vehicle belonging to Hirunika Premachandra on last 21st.

Although 15 days have elapsed since the abduction, the person who was mainly accused of the incident Hirunika Premachandra has not been arrested.

The 8 supporters of Hirunika Premachandra who have been accused regarding this incident have been ordered to be remanded yesterday until tomorrow by the Colombo-Aluthkade Acting Magistrate Mohamed Mihal.

The magistrate ordered them to be subject to an identification parade as well.