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Dilshan Responds To Allegations over New Zealand Series

Sri Lankan cricketer T.M. Dilshan refuted allegations of overnight partying and merrymaking leveled at the national players by several cricket fans during the recent New Zealand tour.

Speaking to a local Television station, Dilshan said that the team never engaged in overnight parties prior to a game, adding that the players leave on foreign tours to perform their duty for the country.

Furthermore, Dilshan claimed that most of the team members did not even consume wine. Players return to their rooms early on nights prior to a game, he also said.

Meanwhile, he added that the management would have been the first to report of an incident of this nature if it really took place.

It was usual for such allegations to surface when teams lose games, Dilshan also remarked, adding that one needs not to pay much attention to these rumors.

Dilshan also commented on the angry exchange of words between him and a spectator when the latter asked Dilshan to resign. Dilshan said that he acted in a rush of anger, especially since it was just after a defeat of a series. However, he also said that only a few Sri Lankan fans would share the sentiments expressed by this particular spectator.