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Evidence of torture chambers in Valikamam North

When lands from the High Security Zones (HSZ) in the Valikamam North areas were released on 29 December 2015, evidences for the operation of torture camps were detected in Veemankamam-North and Thayiddy areas, however currently those evidences have been removed from the relevant places.

Villagers visited these areas as they were allowed resettlement and the evidences were found in areas where a large military training centre was operating previously. Barbed wire, old military uniforms, army boots and wall prints were removed overnight by army personnel from an alleged military run torture camps near the houses.

Locals said the evidence of torture was erased or destroyed by the army, following reports that emerged over the weekend that two houses located in land which was occupied by the military for over 25 years, had signs of previous use as torture cells.
When questioned the Army spokesman said that it functioned as a medical camp for the military personnel and barbed wires found on the roof were put up to safeguard the place from the LTTE; as the area has been released for resettlement the wires were removed and the area cleaned.