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Sri Lankan politicians who visit high class brothels operating under the guise of Spas in the Colombo city are reported to be paying the best rates for Russian, Thai and Indonesian women who are engaged in the oldest profession at those brothels, highly placed police sources revealed.

Asked whether any ministers too were involved in the purchase of these women for sexual needs, a senior police spokesman said, “Yes… these women revealed some names of ministers and leading local government politicians under interrogation”.

He added that these women had been taken to luxury hotels and apartments in the city owned by those politicians.

A considerable number of women from those countries are now in Colombo, employed as Spa Therapists and the police have found that most of them have arrived on tourist visas.

Several Indonesian women overstaying such visas while engaging in prostitution had been rounded up by the police and grilled.

Police said these women under interrogation have confessed that Sri Lankan politicians contacted them through certain channels and paid best rates demanded by them. ‘Some have been paid US$ 1,000-1,500 per full night from 9.00pm to 5.00 am the following day with all facilities provided at  three star and five star hotels’, police disclosed.

Police have arrested some of these foreign prostitutes and had produced them in court. ‘We have also informed the respective  foreign missions in Colombo to ensure that they are deported early after punishment is meted out by court’, he added.