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Liyanage Asks IGP to probe “gold and cash” rumour ...

A.S.P. Liyanage, Leader of the Labour Party and the former Ambassador to Nigeria has written to the Inspector General of Police... conduct a thorough investigation into the controversies relating to this residence named 'Peacock Mansion.'

Liyanage is also Chairman of the A.S.P. Real Estate Group.

It is learnt that he had invited the IGP's probe because of allegedly false claims to the effect that the pool in the mansion's premises had gold and cash buried under the sand it is filled with. In an earlier interview with Ceylon Today, he said the pool was filled with sand in response to instructions from the architectural firm 'Vastu' at a time when he was thinking of letting the mansion to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Liyanaghe said: "The Vastu architects came to inspect the place. They said that water on the west side of the house would bring bad luck.

That was exactly where my swimming pool was. The Vastu architects also said that the power of the owner of the house would diminish because of it and so we had to fill it with sand. This house belongs to me. I didn't sell it. I used personal funds to fill this pool with sand."

Earlier this month he was summoned by the Bribery Commission to be interrogated about an alleged case of bribery connected to the Peacock Mansion.