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Sri Lanka cricket fans escorted from Eden Park by police

Spectators trying to enjoy the New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Twenty20 cricket match at Eden Park seem to have their eyes on something else.

Twitter and Facebook are rife with accusations security guards are acting as the "fun police" and being too hard on fans, confiscating musical instruments and kicking people out.

Witnesses have reportedly seen Sri Lankan fans being escorted from the ground by police and security guards.

Another spectator, Hayden Eastmond-Mein, said security were being over the top and taking extreme measures.

"I saw security guards confiscating a number of small drums from Sri Lankan fans," he said. "It seemed really heavy handed and over the top. The big group of Sri Lankans they were targeting were just having a good time and providing most of the atmosphere in what can be a pretty dull stadium"

To add insult to injury, the half-time entertainment was a group of samba drummers who walked straight past the group of Sri Lankan fans, he said.