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Two treasure trove pots recovered from Peacock mansion swimming pool

Police could not find any valuable thing except two treasure trove pots from the swimming pool at the Peacock Mansion filled with sea sand.

The swimming pool at the Peacock mansion filled with sea sand was cleared under Police protection yesterday in the presence of high ranking police officers and owner of the Peacock Mansion Sri Lanka Labour Party leader and famous businessman A.S.P. Liyanage.

The pool was cleared on a request made by A.S.P. Liyanage to the IGP since the circulation of news that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had stashed away gold and cash packed in polythene bags in the swimming pool at the Peacock mansion in Rajagiriya, which belongs to Liyanage.

Apart from the request, Liyanage lodged a complaint with the Welikada Police seeking police protection for the swimming pool and necessary mediation to clear it.

Accordingly, the sand removing process commenced manually around 11 a.m. under police observation of Welikada Police and the Criminal Investigation Department. However, a backhoe-loader was deployed for the process around 2.45p.m. aiming to expedite the process as manual cleaning took much time. But, nothing was detected from the swimming pool except two treasure trove pots buried for astrological purposes and on astrological advise.

"In a letter to the IGP, I requested that an investigation be conducted into the issue, including the clearing of the swimming pool to ascertain whether there is a truth in such rumours since this situation great mental distress tome and my family members," he said.

"When the mansion was prepared to be gifted to former President MahindaRajapaksa for a two year period, several changes in the mansion had been made according to astrological predictions, including filling the swimming pool with sea sand.

On the advices of astrologers, the swimming pool was filled with sea sand by Rajapaksa as it was a bad omen to have a pool in the Western part of the house.