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Wimal kicked out from UPFA

Discussions between partners of the UPFA regarding an agreement to contest the forthcoming local government elections have commenced but Wimal Weerawansa’s NFF is not among the parties that are involved in the discussions say reports.

Minister S.B. Dissanayaka has stated that there are only four parties in the UPFA but nine more political parties are awaiting membership in the UPFA.

The partners in the UPFA are the SLFP, Desha Vimukthi Janatha Party, MEP and Sri Lanka Mahajana Party. Minister Dissanayaka has said that Weerawansa’s NFF is not a member of the UPFA.

Recently, discussions have been held between the SLFP and Mr. Dinesh Gunawardene of the MEP and the media reported that Mr. Gunawardene would withdraw from Mahinda faction to join the Maithri faction. Minister S.B. Dissanayaka says issues with MEP could be resolved and an agreement could be reached soon.

In such an environment Weerawansa’s and Gammanpila’s parties would not be able to contest from the UPFA.