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Wimal’s associate Speaks about White vans

People were abducted using ‘white’ vans during Mahinda Rajapaksa period. What’s wrong with it?” type of statement has been made to ‘Mawbima’ newspaper issued yesterday (15th) by Niroshsan Premaratna who entered Parliament through UPFA as a Member of Wimal Weerawansa’s NFF.

When the journalist said, “Despite stating thieves are not arrested now there were no investigations regarding the culture of white van, abductions and murders that existed during the last regime,” Weerwansa’s close associate Niroshan Premaratna says, “I vehemently oppose abducting journalists. It occurred not only during Mahinda Rajapaka regime but also during J.R. Jayawardene and Premadasa regimes.

All murders were not committed by Mahinda Rajapaksa.  There was a ‘white van’ culture during that period. However, I did not see any righteous person or any person useful to the country being abducted by white vans and murdered. Members of the underworld and terrorists were abducted using white vans. Only those who were an obstacle for the path taken to solve the main issues during that time were abducted in that manner.

I don’t know whether they were disappeared or murdered. However, on 8th January, 2015 that government got the answer for certain things they did. The leader who saved the country was sent home. However, what the people expected by sending home the previous regime could not be realized through ‘yahapalanaya’.

When Parliamentarian Niroshan Premaratna says Mahinda Rajapaksa did not commit all the murders, it implies that Mahinda Rajapaka is responsible for some murders.

Whether a person is a member of the underworld or a terrorist or was an ‘obstacle’ for the path taken by the government, such per sons should be punished according to the law of the country. According to Parliamentarian Niroshan Premaratna Mahinda Rajapaksa had unleashed terror by committing extrajudicial murders, abductions, breaking limbs and carrying out various punishments deploying thugs. These are gross violations of human rights.

The important fact said by Parliamentarian Niroshan Premaratna is that his statement made in public that “those who were an obstacle for the path taken to solve the main issues during that time were abducted.” He has been engaged as a journalist for several years. It is a tragicomedy that a person such as Parliamentarian Niroshan Premaratna, who had been a journalist for some time, had to come out with the statement that those who were obstacles for the path taken by the government should be stopped by abductions, murder , terrorizing and threat.

According to the Parliamentarian no good persons had been abducted with white vans, murdered or terrorized. Then, weren’t journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda, political activists Lalith and Kugan, journalists Lasantha Wickremetunga, Keeth Noer and JVP activist Nainavavadu good people?