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YouTube launches Sinhala version in Sri Lanka

The most popular video sharing site in the world, YouTube on Tuesday launched its localized version for Sri Lanka, Google Asia Pacific Blog said. 

Users visiting the YouTube homepage from Sri Lanka will now be able to see videos and playlists that are popular in the country in local languages and domains.

“Starting today, if you’re in Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, you’ll see a new YouTube homepage that’s customized in your local language and domain,” the blog said.

“YouTube is already available in Nepali, Sinhalese and Urdu, and now having country-specific homepages means we can bring you the most relevant videos in a YouTube experience tailored for you.” it said.

With over 1 billion monthly users worldwide, YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing community, and is now available in 88 countries, as well as in 76 global languages.

“With these launches, we hope to pave the way for the work of more local creators, personalities and musicians to shine on the world’s largest and most vibrant video community,” Google Asia Pacific Blog further said.