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3 killed in a shooting at Wellampitiya

Three individuals who were shot at in Wellampitiya on the night of February 09 succumbed to their injuries upon admittance to the National Hospital, Colombo.

The Police Media Unit (PMU) informed that the shooting had taken place in the Geval Wissa (20 Houses/Homes) area in Wellampitiya at 11.55 p.m.

The individuals who were admitted to the Hospital with serious injuries were respectively, 19 years old, 24 years old and 49 years old.

No suspects have been apprehended yet in this regard and nothing has come to light yet regarding the possible motive, the PMU added.

The gunmen are reported to have arrived at the house where the trio was staying, in a three-wheeler, in which they had subsequently fled the scene.

Wellampitiya Police are conducting further investigations.