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'FCID: Foremost enemy of those who ruined country'

The FCID has become the foremost enemy of those who skimmed the wealth of the nation, said JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Addressing a press conference yesterday at the JVP office in Battaramulla, he said all the thieves who robbed public money are now standing against the FCID.

"Some deputy ministers within the government itself are stating that the FCID is not legal, a matter that must be settled within the Government. The FCID is operating under the IGP. We believe such a special unit must exist to take action against those involved in large scale frauds. It is the FCID which investigated on persons such as Basil Rajapaksa, Johnston Fernando and Yoshitha Rajapaksa. That was the reason why they are so scared of it," he said.

He further said the arrest of Yoshitha Rajapaksa was based on two major questions. "One was how a capital of Rs. 234 million was found to commence the CSN. What we tell former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to say how this money was found and get his son released. If that money is not from the salary of Yoshitha or Mahinda and the income from the Medamulana Walauwa, then it should definitely be Treasury funds. In other words public funds. Should not those who robbed the public money be punished? Under the Money Laundering Act, such money could be taken over. There is enough evidence to proceed on this matter," he added.

He said the arrest of Yoshitha was not an act of political revenge, adding that it was a result of legal action taken jointly by the Police and the Court.

He said the JVP will give its fullest support for the investigations taking place on bribery and corruption, adding that they would never give up the fight until the thieves are brought to book.

"Investigations concerning nearly 35 cases of corruption and bribery have been completed and sent to the Attorney General. However, the Attorney General is yet to reply to over 30 of them. Therefore legal action have been delayed," he said.

Referring to comments made by Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake to his allegations in Parliament on the import of undervalued Prado jeeps, Dissanayake challenged Karunanayake for an open debate on TV.