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H’tota port to receive its first ever largest cruise liner

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) said that the Hambantota Port would be received its first ever biggest cruise ship-MS Rotterdam, by this Sunday (07).

Measuring 238 m in length and comprises of 600 staff MS Rotterdam is a luxurious Netherland owned cruise ship. The ship is scheduled to be left from Cochin harbor of Indian and to be arrived at the Hambantota port at 8.a.m. There are 1176 passengers to be carried from the vessel.

However, ‘EUROPA 2’ was the largest cruise liner called at Hambantota port thus far. Measuring 226 in length the ship dropped anchor at the Hambantota port 29 of January this year.

 The MS Rotterdam is renowned as one of the biggest luxurious cruise liner in world and has capability of carrying approximately 1500 passengers.

SLPA said that thus far the Hambantota port has been received 13 of passenger ships.

 Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga asserted that it could notably see the trend of which Hambantota port is being received luxurious passenger ships from the recent.  He further asserted that the significant movement would carry out many business opportunities to the people in the area.

“We can focus on several sectors when carry out the development process of the Hambantota port. First one is developing the industrial zones at the port area. This area has a great cultural and historical value. Kirinda, Kataragama, Sella- Kataragama has great cultural and historical value. As well as Bundala, Palatupana, Yala and Udawalawa can be mentioned as environmentally significant areas. The tourists visit these places to see the wild animals. So it has great potential to increase the number of vessel arrivals to Hambantota port aiming our tourist sector. But the port would not be received notable income from the passenger vessels. But it creates indirect job opportunities to the people in the area. So I think increasing the number of tourist vessel receiving at the Hambantota port would be added value for the economy,” the minister added.