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Land belonging to Mahinda's Security Chief searched

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) searched a land belonging to the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Weeraketiya using backhoes yesterday.

A contingent of Special Task Force personnel was deployed around the land. Only CID officials were allowed to enter the land from yesterday morning. CID sources said a court order was obtained to search the land and the land was searched for jewellery, gold and weapons said to have been hidden in this land.

The sources said that the land is belonging to Major Nevil Wanniarachchi who is one of the most closest security officers of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. More than Twenty Special Task Force Personnel have been deployed to assist with the search operation and they have dug-up the land with a backhoes.

The Colombo Chief Magistrate had issued an order to the CID and the Financial Crimes Investigations Division to investigate corruption and fraud allegedly committed by Major Nevile.

The CID recently sought the court assistance to obtain the bank account details of three persons, including Major Nevile Wanniarachchi. The Magistrate ordered to scrutinize their accounts in 32 banks and 47 financial institutions. The FCID and CID earlier informed court that Major Wanniarachchi has allegedly taken over several lands and houses belonging to the Government. Police told court that several cabs belonging to the Maga Neguma project were being taken over by Major Warrniarachchi for his personal use. "It was also disclosed that this Major is running a number of business ventures including a filling station.