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Minister Arjuna emphasis the need of an open discussion to develop the port sector

Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga emphasized the need of an open discussion to provide solutions to ports and maritime sector issues.

He said all the information, regulations and policies in the sector should be updated to meet the current requirements of the sector. Minister mentioned this by addressing the gathering at the first meeting of Inter-Agency Coordination Committee on Ports, Shipping and Maritime Affairs today (09) morning at the Ministry auditorium.

The organization has been established by a cabinet act which was extended by the Minister of Ports and Shipping.  The committee aims to formulate and review policies, programes and projects relating to Ports, Shipping and Maritime sector and also consultancy coordination between the stake holders of the sector falls under the portfolio of the ministry.

Delivering his speech Minister Ranatunga asserted, “We successfully concluded our first meeting. The committee would provide us a platform to discusses inter- agency issues and take solutions. We hope to assemble in once a month. We can discuss our problems at the meeting and provide quick solutions to them.  Further we would be able get solutions for the problems having with the stake holders,” the minister asserted.

The secretary of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping L.P. Jayampathi will be convener of the meetings.

Addressing the meeting L.P.Jayampathi said the committee was established to enhance the communication between inter- agencies linked in to the sector.

 “The concept of establishing an inter-agency coordination committee has been recognized as a major requirement by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). It can notably see the quantity of the vessels calls at Colombo port is increasing. There are 400 to 500 ships usually calls to islandwide ports.  Hence, the well coordination among inter-agency is paramount to provide qualitative service,” L.P. Jayampathi mentioned.