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Please don't allow anyone to ruin the hard earned good governance to the country

Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga extending a letter to the Minister of Sports has requested him not to allow anyone to ruin the hard earned good governance to the country.

A response letter to the Minister of Sports titled 'Illegal sports election and the unsolicited behavior of the Director General of Sports during the Cricket Election period', the Minister Ranatunga has further described he would be a witness in any case filed against Director General of cricket over his unsolicited behavior during the 2016-2018 cricket election time.

Minister has also expressed his regrets over the Sport Minister for not making his stance on the transparency of the cricket election process which finished violating and misinterpreting the 13,14,15 articles in Sport regulation and 11(F) (V) in the Cricket Act. He has also criticized the Sports Minister's effort of over appreciating DG of Cricket by hiding his faults.

"The illegal behavior of DG of Cricket has ruined not just the Cricket election, but the election processes in Sri Lanka badminton, Hockey, Volleyball, Rugby, Cycling and Physical Fitness. We never expected such kind of complicated election under government towards the good governance. I kindly request you never protect these kinds of corrupted persons anymore.

You should have carried out an investigation through an independent expertise committee, against the DG of Cricket when the allegations were filed against him during the cricket election period. You have failed to take any action against him and it demonstrates invisible ties between you and corrupted officials.

The existing unity government between the President-Prime Minister towards good governance was a hard earned to the country and we faced lots of practical challenges and risks on our way. However, some people who worked against the President and the Prime Minister's efforts towards establishing good governance and who laughed at their efforts are today, ruining the good governance by holding Minister posts heads seats in the government.

Hon. Minister of Sports, the section 15-2 in the Sports regulations has given the authority to the Minister of Sports to remove officials from their position if it had been proved their disqualification to the appointed to the position through an election for National Sport Committee.  So, I request you to take same actions against disqualified persons. 

As well, I urge you to carry out a proper investigation against the DG for his biased conduct during the cricket election period. I will be a witness before the investigation committee. 

If the investigations confirmed his disqualification to the post, I request you to take legal actions against them and cancel their appointments while granting concessions to the aggrieved parties.

It is my responsibility to make the President and the Prime Minister acknowledged about the matter which happened during the good governance regulations of the government", the Minister further mentions in his letter.

The copy of the letter extended to the Minister of Sports Dayasiri Jayasekara by the Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga has been attached with the release.