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SLPA seeks Interest and Business Proposals to develop Colombo Port's ECT

The Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) seeks Interest and Business Proposals from interested parties for the development process of Colombo Port's East Container terminal (ECT). The decision has also obtained the Minister's approval at a Cabinet meeting held last week. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has also been appointed as transaction adviser to the Colombo Port's East terminal project by the Cabinet decision.

The constructions of Colombo Port's East Terminal (ECT) have already completed in 400 meters out of 12,000 proposed. However currently the SLPA is handling bulk cargo vessels operations in constructed area and is being received extra income. The terminal helps to reduce the container traffic in other terminals at the Colombo port.

The second deep-water terminal in the Colombo Port Expansion Project is the East Container terminal. It has been planned to commence terminal operations as joint venture arrangement with a shipping line or a private terminal operator with 51% of Equity owned by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.