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A group with Woman go in search for King Ravana

A group moved into a cave in Karandagolla in Ravana Ella claiming that King Ravana was rising again. The group undertook this journey on Tuesday morning.

A group of eight from various parts of the country, including Moratuwa, visited the Karandagolla area in Rawana Ella located on the Ella Wellawaya road. According to the group, they entered the cave after the leader of the group, a girl, had a dream.

The seven other members of the group claim that they are direct descendants of the Ravana generation. Police officers recorded the details of the group. The group entered the cave together with a group of live-saving personnel and a journalist and moved 2500 feet forward with the greatest difficulty.

After reaching the place called the Blue Water Pond, the group had sent away the journalist and others, citing that only they must move ahead. One individual out of the eight was restrained from entering the cave and was returned, and the life guards remained throughout the expedition.

Our correspondent, who also descended into the cave, stated that there was no clear roadway after they arrived at a place that is called the Blue Water Pond and added that the group of seven who engaged in this dangerous journey returned to the surface by evening.