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A hospital in Sri Lanka for Buddhist monks

A Korean Buddhist group has expressed their willingness to build

a hospital in Sri Lanka for Buddhist monks. They have mentioned this when they met President Maithripala Sirisena.

 Head of Korea’s Ulshan Vaadey Bhikku Hospitals Venerable Nong Hang and the Korean Buddhist delegation met the President at his official residence. The Korean delegation said that they hope to build the hospital at Kiriwathuduwa in Piliyandala. 

The hospital which will be equipped with all modern facilities will have 34 rooms. President Maithripala Sirisena said that this marks the longstanding relations between Sri Lanka and Korea. Bhikkuni Nong Hang said that they were fortunate to worship the sacred Tooth Relic and other Buddhist places of worship during their tour.

 Sacred Relics were offered to Ulshan Vaadey Temple during the meeting. Chief incumbent of Sri Lankaramaya in Korea Venerable Katuwana Vijithawansa Thera, Venerable Pitigala Suwanethara Thera, Deputy Minister Dushmantha Mithrapala and a distinguished group of people were present on the occasion.

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