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HIV rumours - New school for Kuliyapitiya boy

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam today said the government has found a new place for the six-year old boy who had withdrawn from a school in Kuliyapitiya on a false rumour that he was HIV positive.
Minister Kariyawasam said that funds too will be arranged for the child’s education and the mother will be provided with a new home, close to the student’s School.

The Education Minister said that donors have come forward to fund the above efforts.

Earlier parents withdrew their children from a School in Kuliyapitiya after rumours spread that the child was HIV- positive.

However, government authorities denied the claim insisting that medical tests had proved that the boy was not HIV positive.

The rumour of the child being HIV-positive spread after his father had died some time back due to an illness. Later a rumour had spread in the village that he had been infected with AIDS.

A meeting which was organized between authorities belonging to child care, education, health and police and the parents about one week back failed to produce the desired results.

Amidst heavy opposition from parents education officials withdrew the six- year-old boy from the school.

Following the media exposure on the child's plight, both the President and the Prime Minister too got involved in the issue and had promised to find a school for the child.