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Minister Ranatunga criticises over the procedure of selecting members for 20-20 World Cup

The Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga today (10) criticized over the selecting procedure that has been followed to pick the members of Sri Lanka Cricket team to represent 20-20 World Cup 2016.

 Participating as the Chief Guest of the Big Match between Jaffna Central College and Jaffna St. John College at Jaffna Central College, minister said the authorized parties have followed inappropriate method when picking members of the team for 20-20 World Cup.

The Minister further charged that everything in Cricket will be ruined as long as unqualified persons who have poor knowledge on cricket were being appointed as the leaders of the country.

“Some of unfortunate things has happened when pick the selection for the world cup. I think what we need to do forget about everything and wishes the team and try and see whether can get into the finals and win the cup once again. I think as Sri Lankans we should get together and wish Anjelo Mathews and the entire team and wish them to bring the 20-20 cup back," the minister added.

According to the records, the first match was played in 1901 and has won by Jaffna Central College. The first win for St John’s was in 1908 and the last win was in 2015. The first win registered by Jaffna Central College was in the inaugural match in 1904 and the last time was in 2011. Although Jaffna Central College was founded in 1816, the Big Match between the both schools started in 1904, and up to now St John’s has won 35; Jaffna Central has won 27, with 39 draws.The big match is to be set for three days. The Jaffna central College won the toss of the match.