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No Space for cheering decisions while changing the corrupted culture -Minister Arjuna

There is no space for cheering decisions while trying to change the corrupted culture which was around 10 years, quoted by Hon. Minister Arjuna Ranathunga. And also no goodwill for the person who changed the corrupted culture at all. 

It is a common incident in political phenomena, but we have to take some rough decisions on behalf of better society said by Minister at Sri Lankan Shippers’ Council 50th anniversary celebration.

“Today Sri Lankan Shippers’ Council celebrates its 50th anniversary.It is very long period, I personally appreciate its service even in a very competitive manner. They have been contributing to the development of our maritime sector. 

Now it has become very complex subject. We had to take very tough decisions in past season. We could capture new market opportunities. It wasn’t an easy step during a very different system within last 10 years, therefore no space for cheering decisions at that moment.  Its common thing in Sri Lankan Politics” stated by Minister Arjuna Ranathunga.

So the anniversary of SLSC was held at the Hambantota Harbor premises today. During the program introducing the new logo of SLSC and Tree planting campaign also took a part. Especially it was launching of latest news web site for the Sri Lankan ports, maritime sector as .

 it is the very first news web site for the ports, shipping and maritime sector in Sri Lanka, stated Mr. Sean Van Dort the Chairman of SLSC. And also he said that this web can communicate latest news of Sri Lankan ports and maritime to international level. It can be seen as a good opportunity to strategically capture international market.

The SLSC was established on a recommendation by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in 1966. This can be considered as the first Maritime union in Sri Lanka. SLSC should be established in order that they could negotiate collectively with shipping conferences among developing and developed countries. As well as the members of SLSC carried most of the world's trade except for oil and bulk products. Especially SLSC will host the Annual General Meeting of the Global Shippers Forum for the year 2016, in Colombo.The Global Shippers' Forum (GSF) is the world's leading trade association for shippers engaged in international trade moving goods by all modes of transport. This will be the first time that the Annual general Meeting of the GSF will be hosted in Asia.