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Visit Sri Lanka digitally through Google Street View

Sri Lanka has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations over the past years. But if you live on the other side of the world, the distance and the journey you need to undertake may overwhelm you. 

So now, instead of taking that plane ride, you can open a browser and see for yourself what the West Asian country has to offer, in terms of its rich history and natural beauty, you can now explore several parts of the country through Google Street View.

The Street View team traveled 50,000 kilometers across every state and province of the beautiful country in order to bring you every aspect of Sri Lanka, from tea plantations, to white beaches, to the craziness (well as crazy as they can get) of downtown Colombo. You can enjoy exploring all of these in 360 degree panoramic views, all without even having to leave your couch or your desk. Of course nothing beats seeing the real thing, but for now, you can enjoy Sri Lanka on your virtual own.

The panoramic images from Sri Lanka shows off majestic jungle views, mountainous areas, white sand beaches, and city living as well. If you’re from a culture that’s vastly different from it, then you can use Street View to see how people live, how they produce your beloved Ceylon tea, how this country and this continent may be the complete opposite of where you are or where you came from. That’s why going on Street View journeys is not just fun but also life enriching.

This makes Sri Lanka the 76th country that has its very own Street View. Mapping out and collecting images for Google is no easy task, as it takes painstaking hours, days, months, and maybe even years to complete. In this case, they started out in December of 2014 and just finished in February of this year. So every time you look at these Street View images, have a better appreciation for how they were able to collect all of those.

SOURCE: Google