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A Biological Filter for the As3+ Contaminated water

Images of Arsenic contamination Skin manifestation, Our Filter.
Dr.Miss.W.W.S.W.C.Fernando (Dr.Miss.Selie Fernando and daughter Miss S.M.Senanayeke,) who have invented an innovative research on a filter which is Biological for Arsenic contaminated water which is the major health issue in Northern,North Central provinces in Sri Lanka.

Therefore it will be the Gold Standards for the problem as if the most economical, Eco friendly, feasible invention for the problem existed in those areas.
Following document And research being published in National and International peer review journals as well including Ceylon Medical Journal

Title; A Biological Filter for the As3+ Contaminated water.

W.W.S.W.C.Fernando1,S.M.S.N.M.Senanayeke 2.

1-Family Health Bureau. 2. Holy Family Balika Viduhala,Wennappuwa.


This contamination of the drinking water with Arsenic as a result of the undue incorrect ,unproductive use of Insecticides,weedycides,agrochemicals is the major cause of contamination of the water source is the major health issue in the North Central and Northern provinces in Sri Lanka.

Many patients who suffer from the Renal failure will be the health hazard of the area concerned.


1)    To Test the Filter Efficiency of the two innovative Bio filter layers of the filter and fitting Isotherm. the Banana peels and the Green Tea.

Materials; Methodology;

Different As+++ solutions were made in five concentration gradients.0.01mg/L,0.02mg/l,0.04mg/L,0.06mg/L,0.1mg/L respectively., Banana peels 260g,Gereen tea 200g,Coconut husk dust 260g,Coconut shell burnt carbon particles 10mm *10mmsize being used, Sand particular size 0.06cm * Colorimetric test kit method being used for testing with two decimals accuracy.

Results and Analysis;

  Absorption percentages for above solutions for Banana peels and Green Tea – 90,7,-1.4,0,10.For Green Tea – 100,100,100,96.7,91. For Banana peels Langmuir Isotherm and Green tea innovative Isotherm are fitting.

It is shown that  significant percentage being absorbed by  green tea layer and the Banana peels layers. The P values are in the significant levels. This filter can be a good solution for the above health problem prevailed in the North Central  and Central provinces in Sri Lanka It is very cheap , economical,ecofreindly,feasible,simple,low technical knowledge being involved.
Images of Arsenic contamination Skin manifestation, and Filter.

Dr.Miss.Selie Fernando
Miss.Selie Fernando