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The Constitutional Assembly to meet in Parliament today

The Constitutional Assembly, approved recently by Parliament for formulating a new constitution and a new electoral system, is scheduled to meet for the first time today.

The House will meet at 1.00 pm and the first hour has been allocated for questions. At 2.00 pm it will be converted to the Constitutional Assembly (CA) with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya presiding.

At the last party leaders’ meeting Speaker Jayasuriya said that the CA would commence sittings on April 5 and the Sub Committees should be appointed at its first sitting as per the resolution passed by Parliament.

The Constitutional Assembly is scheduled to appoint seven deputy chairpersons. For this purpose there should be a quorum of 20 MPs in the chamber, sources said.

They said at the same meeting an operational committee of not less than 17 members including the Prime Minister, Leader of the House, Leader of the Opposition and Minister of Justice would be appointed. That operational committee would be empowered to appoint any number of sub committees.

The inaugural meeting of the Constitutional Assembly will be held inside the Chamber after Parliament meets and moves the House to a committee stage.

The mace will be placed on the lower bracket of its stand.