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US should arrest Gotabaya - Tamil forums urge Obama

In an urgent appeal to President Obama, two major Tamil groups in the United States Tamils for Obama and American Tamil Forum urged the United States to arrest former Sri Lankan Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa who is reported to be currently visiting US, the two organizations said in a statement today. 

“US should not miss the opportunity to arrest and prosecute one of the main war criminals in recent times visiting the US.

 Failure to do so would encourage others to commit abuses amounting to war crimes” said these two organizations. 

The UN Human Rights Council, led by the US, last year passed a Sri Lanka resolution to hold a credible investigation to punish those responsible for these killings.  “United States should take the same leadership it took at the UN to initiate investigation for the visiting Sri Lankan war criminal,” said these two organizations. - EIN Presswire - Agencies