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Forged statutory declaration allegedly prepared by Udaya Gammanpila

Australian Businessman Brian Shadick’s Power of Attorney Lasitha Perera yesterday revealed a forged statutory declaration allegedly prepared by Pivithuru Hela Urumaya Leader and MP Udaya Gammanpila to be presented to court during the hearing of Australian Businessman Brian Shadick’s case.

 Perera said that the handwriting in the statutory declaration is that of Gammanpila’s which is said to be prepared by Rosemary Smith, an Australian. According to the statutory declaration Rosemary Smith had affirmed that she had recognised her signature and handwriting in the Power of Attorney dated 1997 April 18 which had been given to Udaya Prabath Gammanpila by Digital Nominees Company.

Smith had also affirmed that she witnessed the signatures of Brian Shaddick and Janet Shaddick in the Power of Attorney along with Judith Dawes on the request of Brian Shaddick.

Further,Smith had affirmed that when the document was signed she had been the secretary/book keeper and Judith Dawes had been the receptionist of the Perth Metal Company of which Brian Shaddick was the Managing Director.

However during a media briefing that was held yesterday at the Library Services and Documentation Board, Perera claimed that the statutory declaration had not been prepared by the so called Rosemary Smith. He alleged that it had been prepared by Gammanpila with the intention of misleading the court.

“Gammanpila has his own special way of writing.You too will witness it if you go through *the letters he had sent to the Department of Registrar of Companies.We sent this document for further investigations. We believe that this document had been prepared by him and the signature in the

document is also forged” Perera said.

Earlier,Lasitha Perera accusded Gammanpila for transferring 4.1 million shares of Pan Asia Bank which is an affiliate of Digital Nominees Company using a Forged Power of Attorney.

The 4.1 million shares which is of 110 million in value solely belonging to Shadick and his family had been fraudulently sold to Vanik Incorporation PLC and Dhammika Perera by Gammanpila. Gammanpila’s wife Dinesha Gammanpila had signed as a witness for the transactions that had taken place,according to Perera.

“It is a huge injustice done to the aggrieved party and the investors as the Attorney General’s Department had delayed to take further steps although the Police Special Investigation Unit had concluded the investigations pertaining to this matter. “ he added while requesting further steps taken by the Attorney General Department into the alleged financial fraud committed by Gammanpila against Australian businessman, Brian Shaddick, be expedited.

Perera also noted that Gammanpila had been silent so far and challenged Gammanpila for an open debate on these allegations.

“We were not in a state to make these revelations during the past regime as we did not take our lives for granted.Now we have got the opportunity to voice out these actions of injustice.Therfore, I challenge Gammanpila to file a case against me If I have made any false allegations “ Perera said.