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Nurse ‘breaks’ arm of mother of three

A mother of three from Anuradhapura has ended up with a broken arm after a nurse at a hospital allegedly tried to straighten her arthritic deformed hand, despite pleas not to do so.

The woman who was suffering from fever is said to have come to Nelubewa Hospital seeking treatment. A nurse who was entrusted with obtaining a blood sample for testing is said to have tried to straighten the woman’s arthritis afflicted bent arm.

Following the incident, the woman was admitted to Anuradhapura hospital.

The woman complained that the nurse had tried to straighten the arm in a forceful manner disregarding her complaints that it was deformed due to arthritis.

The woman said she was suffering from a severe arthritic condition for nearly 15 years.

The relatives of the injured woman are planning to lodge a complaint with the district health authorities.