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Son who confessed to the Kotakethana murder released on bail

Kotakethana serial murders gripped the island by terror until the murderer behind the killings was caught. Police arrested a number of suspects but was forced to release them as there weren’t enough evidence.

The youth who was arrested over the murder of his mother in Kotakethana was released on bail. He was held in remand custody for over a year and was finally released, on Rs. 25,000 cash bail and Rs. 200,000 surety bail, by the Pelmadulla Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

His release comes as a fresh suspect was arrested over the brutal murder of a woman in the area.

this suspect escaped the grips of law as he sexually assaulted and murdered women, and left without leaving a shred of evidence.

However, now it was reported that he murdered the women after he sexually assaulted them. This was proved by the DNA evidences on the suspect.

In 2015 April 04, 47-year-old Chandrani Swarnalatha was found hacked to death in Kotakethana. Her son was arrested over the murder and remanded. It was revealed that the son was home during the murder of the mother.

Later he confessed to the killing stating that he was enraged as the mother refused to give money to buy his girlfriend a gift.

But the real murderer was Lakshman alias Mahatthaya, DNA evidences has shown. Later the son, a student, was granted bail.