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Doctors Save twins lives in Anuradhapura

Doctors at the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital performed an emergency cesarean operation to save the lives of twins recently.

According to Gynaecologist and Obstetrician of the hospital Dr. Jagath M.Hearth, the womb of the mother had got separated into two and that kind of operation had not been conducted in the country before.

An examination previously conducted in Colombo on the 27-year-old woman Manori Bandara of Mawathawewa , Eppawala had revealed the condition of her womb and she had been warded at the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital for three months before she was operated on.

Dr. Hearth said, the condition of the mother’s womb had made the operation extremely difficult.

The new borns weighed 1.4 kilos and1.3 kilos.